A: No, I am no longer offering freezing spray.

The reasons for this is that the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has advised all piercers to stop using ethyl chloride, which is the “numbing spray” commonly used by piercers. Some of the side effects of using ethyl chloride that have come out in a recent study include additional swelling, itching, bruising, risk of frostbite, and delayed wound healing. Not only can it can cause the skin to contract which makes it more difficult to pierce overall, but the contracted skin can cause placement markings to move meaning that the piercing may end up in the wrong position.

For these reasons, I am no longer offering freezing spray. However, even with a freezing spray, piercings do hurt – it does not make them painless and to be honest, the amount of difference that freezing spray makes in pain level is minimal compared to the risks that it presents.

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