Starting in January, I will be changing pricing structure for my piercing fees. Prices for implant grade titanium have increased, which in turn means that the manufacturers of the high-quality jewellery I use are raising prices of their jewellery a minimum of 5%. This price increase meant that I had a tough decision to make. I could either raise my prices across the board to continue to include the initial jewellery downsize in the piercing fee or move to a different pricing structure. I have opted for the latter.

I value your custom and pride myself on being able to offer the highest quality jewellery in ASTM-F136 implant-grade titanium and solid 14ct and 18ct gold from leading manufacturers such as Industrial Strength, Anatometal, NeoMetal, Junipurr, and Invictus. I refuse to yield and purchase cheap, inferior quality jewellery as I absolutely will not compromise client safety and the quality of my work.

All appointments scheduled for dates after 1 January 2022 will no longer include the first jewellery downsize (the exceptions to this will be genital piercings). There will be an option when booking to “add-on” the new piece of jewellery. Post-piercing appointments will be required in order to purchase jewellery to insert for downsizing. There will be no charge to install the jewellery.

If this option is not selected when the booking is made, you will still be able to schedule appointments to do this after the piercing is performed via the booking website should you decide to have you jewellery downsized at the studio, which is highly recommended.

Downsizing jewellery is incredibly important in order to change the initial jewellery after the initial swelling has reduced (this timeframe varies with piercing location and how you heal as an individual). This will help to avoid any potential complications, such as irritations, bumps, or migration (odd angles) as your piercing continues to heal. Being aware of and following through with downsizing can make all the difference in the long-term success of your piercing. I like to frame it this way: getting a piercing is a long-term project. Time and dedication are absolutely essential to ensure the success of the piercing for many years to come.

Performing the downsize within the recommended timeframe is highly recommended to help prevent any potential complications. Should you decide not to have the piercing downsized at the studio, OokySpooky is not responsible for any issues that may arise due to failure to downsize the jewellery or from using inferior quality jewellery from any other source.

OokySpooky focuses on quality. Quality of the jewellery used in any piercing is vitally important to maximise the success of your piercing.

Again, I would like to thank you for your custom and I look forward to helping you achieve your piercing goals in 2022 and beyond!

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