Preface: Thank you so much to my colleague Stephen Clarke for writing this article to contribute to my blog! He is the owner of Apex Piercing in Antrim, Northern Ireland and has years of professional experience under his belt. Stephen is also the creative brain behind Apex Body Jewellery! Please feel free to visit his social media:
Instagram: @apex_piercing

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, I’d like to start by thanking Vesper for allowing me the opportunity to present this article on his blog, and secondly by thanking everyone who elects to read and retain the information contained herein!

So the topic of conversation today is tongue piercings, horizontal tongue piercings (snake eyes), and surface tongue piercings (tongue scoops). The reason that traditional tongue piercings are placed centrally is simple and straightforward, it completely bypasses the muscles that the tongue is comprised of, the superior longitudinal muscles, and the vertical and transverse muscles. A precisely placed traditional tongue piercing will heal relatively quickly and without complications, and with a traditional tongue piercing, the jewelley is placed a safe distance away from the teeth, and therefore isn’t likely to cause any dental trauma.

Now, to discuss the less than ideal and frankly dangerous horizontal and surface tongue piercings, the biggest issue here is the fact that these piercings essentially pin the muscles of the tongue together, which leads to untold amounts of muscular damage and potential nerve damage, which can and will affect speech, the ‘snake eyes’ piercing will intersect the left and right superior longitudinal muscles, and the ‘tongue scoop’ will in fact intersect not only both the superior longitudinal muscles, but also the vertical and transverse muscles, basically stapling together four separate muscles. moving on from the tongue itself, the fact that a horizontally placed bar across the tongue will place the jewelley in direct and constant contact with the teeth is guaranteed to cause cause severe dental damage.

In conclusion, traditional tongue piercings have been shown through time to be generally safe, whereas horizontal and surface tongue piercings are a universally bad idea that will only end in tears, are unacceptably dangerous to clients, and any piercer offering them is either A ) nowhere near knowledgeable enough to be trusted to pierce anyone, or B ) doesn’t care about the longer term effects of piercings and is only piercing for quick cash, and again shouldn’t be trusted to pierce anyone. Stay safe out there folks, research your piercer and ask questions, a trustworthy piercer will always be happy to provide answers to the best of their ability!

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