A: Yes. If you would like to do so you can do so here: http://ookyspooky.as.me

Unlike many piercing studios, I run by appointment only. There is a great reason for this! I take pride in ensuring that each and every client has a proper amount of time devoted to them so that I can answer all questions, thoroughly explain aftercare instructions, assist in the selection of jewellery, as well as perform the piercing itself! This ensures that you do not feel rushed and you have a wonderful experience. Some piercings and clientele require privacy for a variety of reasons and operating on an appointment only basis allows for this. However, if you would like an appointment on the same day, you can check availability directly through my booking website here: http://ookyspooky.as.me

I am the only artist at the studio and if I am with a client I may not be able to answer the phone or reply to a message on the OokySpooky Facebook page, so please leave a message with your contact details and I will ring back or reply as soon as I can! The best way to contact me is via e-mail (vesper@ookyspooky.uk) or via the OokySpooky Facebook Business page (http://facebook.com/ookyspooky). I do tend to reply faster to Facebook Business messages and e-mail, as my business phone is in the studio and I cannot pick it up if I am not at the studio (such as on days that I am closed). If you message on Instagram – I will NOT see it! Instagram messaging is disabled.