I have had a few clients who have contacted me to make appointments and have asked what they need to do when they arrive to be Covid safe. OokySpooky will be using a few protocols that we kindly ask all clients to follow.

~ Only one person will be allowed in the studio at a time. If necessary, a friend or family member may accompany the client to provide support, but for the most part, I strongly recommend that you come on your own or have anyone accompanying you wait outside. This does not apply to children under 16 as a parent or guardian must be present to sign the consent form and stay with the client.

~ If you must bring someone for emotional support be aware that due to distancing they will NOT be able to be with you inside the studio during the procedure. They will need to wait in the hallway outside. This includes parents and guardians accompanying clients under 16.

~ I would suggest anybody who is nervous or unsure to book when restrictions are removed. Please be aware that as things look at this moment, I am going to be fully booked. Appointments are booked to allow enough time to complete the procedure. If you are late, the appointment will be forfeited as there will be people waiting to enter the studio for their procedure. To reiterate: if you are unsure or afraid, as much as I would love to and as calming and reassuring as I try to be, I cannot run over your time slot as it will affect future clients and jeopardise safe clinical and studio practises.

~ All clients will be asked to wash their hands and apply sanitizer when they arrive for their appointment. Though you will still be able to choose your jewellery, to maintain a sterile environment I will show you the jewellery to limit the number of people touching the sterilised autoclave bags.

~ Although it is not mandatory, I would advise wearing a mask into the studio. If you are having a facial piercing, microdermal, or transdermal implant in an area the mask covers, I will ask you to remove it prior to your procedure. If you are not having a facial piercing, please wear the mask for the duration of the appointment. This includes multi-hour procedures such as scarification, branding, transdermal implants, or RFID/NFC implants.

~ Clients will have their temperature taken with a forehead thermometer prior to entering the studio.

~ As always, I will be using medical-grade disinfection and sterilisation procedures featuring Clinell medical professional products along with the use of a heat and vacuum autoclave for all instruments and jewellery. Instead of pure alcohol wipes I will be using a combination chlorhexidine and alcohol wipe to prepare the skin as chlorhexidine is a strong antiseptic and adds an additional layer of protection. For those allergic to chlorhexidine, I will still have alcohol wipes available. Of course, I will be wearing a mask anytime I am in the studio.

I know that these protocols may seem strict but I want to do my best to keep all my clients safe during these uncertain times. There are still many things we do not know about the novel coronavirus and preventative measures, especially in an environment where invasive procedures are carried out, are very important.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation!

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